Programme: Existential Coaching

Existential Coaching – The Seven E’s of Philosophical Engagement
Each module gives the philosophical background on the topic, identifies the important concepts, and is followed by a group discussion and group practice.

January 12            Module 1: Escape
                                        The Social Construction
: how it supports, how it binds, how to loosen

January 19            Module 2: Examine
                                         Concepts and Generalizations: words – handles and handcuffs

January 26            Module 3: Explain
                                        Levels of Explanation and Paradoxes: lining it up and keeping it all straight

February 2            Module 4: Errors
                                        Category Errors:
apples and oranges juice differently

February 9            Module 5: Encounters
                                        Content and Relationship: being right and still failing – How’s that?

February 16          Module 6: Emotions
                                         Emotions and Values: built-in radar that runs both ways

February 23          Module7: Explicit
                                        Take no Offence and Stoicism:
making meaning – making choices

March 2                 Module 8: Applying the existential toolkit
                                         Review and Comprehensive Example: peripatetic encounters – class choice