Existential Coaching Workshop

Philosophical Techniques for Laypeople: A toolkit for existential problems

existential – of or pertaining to life and experience

Life has a custom of providing people with issues, which is all well and good until an issue becomes beyond our ability to solve on our own – then it becomes a problem.

And when the problem becomes unmanageable some seek solution via the mental health system.  Others seek advice from their clergy.

However, not every problem is a psychological or spiritual problem.  Philosophy offers another choice.

Philosophy differs from other ways of addressing existential problems by its thoughtful, overall systematic approach and its reliance on developing a deeper understanding.

This 8-week workshop provides instruction on philosophy as practically applied to everyday existential problems. Philosophical concepts pertinent to existential problems are presented. Participants are furnished with a set of approaches that allow for problems to be taken apart to the point a solution may be found. Related to each concept, specific techniques are practiced in online sessions.

No previous philosophical knowledge is required.

View the workshop programme here.

Next 8-week e-session begins January 12, 2021. Maximum number of participants is 10; there is no minimum.  Cost: $80 + HST.   

Questions or enquiries are welcome. Please use the contact page.