Welcome to Choice Philosophical Consultancy™

Philosophical Consulting helps clients faced with decisions to analyze their situation in a logical manner and make decisions based on true choice.

Offering practice-based education approach to life management and addressing existential questions, this often takes the form of:

  • Philosophical Counselling
  • Decision-making analysis
  • Existential Coaching
  • Life Tutoring
  • Life Management

Philosophical Counselling helps clients to deal with everyday problems and questions by way of a logical, analytic approach. Ethical dilemmas can be a big part of this category.

Decision-making analysis is useful for clients who are wrestling with a particular question such as whether or not they should move house or change careers, or any other sort of question that requires a breakdown and assessment of possible entailments of all options.

Existential Coaching is suitable for all ages when dealing with ethical or strategic issues in life planning. Questions such as the following are typical for this sort of counselling: What sort of life do I want to lead? What type of person do I strive to be? Where do I find meaning? Why does it make sense that I sometimes self-sabotage?

Life Tutoring involves more than just coaching. In discussion with a Philosophical Consultant, clients are able to assess their current situation insofar as the fundamentals of life management. This method is ideal for use by teens planning for post-secondary education, 20-somethings preparing to launch, or those clients taking stock or rebuilding, providing a view of their current situation and their direction of choice.

Life Management counselling assists clients of all ages to make explicit the information available to them regarding specific decisions as well as to consider the strategic implications of their choices.

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