Life Practices Approach

Existential Crisis

An indication that usual practices are not working. What has changed? What values are being affected? Even – what are your important values?  

Existential questions

While it is normal to think about these existential questions, one must be careful to maintain focus on the outcome, and not to get hung up on the process because it can turn into a quagmire.

I have worked with many clients on existential questions such the ones thrust upon us this year. Life events involving some sort of loss, whether it be loss of a job, relationship, material goods, friends or family, or our own youth, prompt us to rethink our values and life goals.

When faced with loss we can seek to replace, change or do without what was lost.

Replacing means to fit something into the hole that is left behind, so losing a job in sales would mean finding a new sales position. Another option is to assess what did and didn’t fit for us with the old job and work towards finding something a bit more suitable. This could involve changing the old job while planning a career change, or retraining before seeking a job within the new career.  A third option is to do without what was lost, but going without fulltime employment and looking for other sources of income, such as 2 part-time positions, early retirement, or downsizing to a point at which fulltime employment is no longer necessary.

What sort of existential questions are you facing right now?

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