Living in the Human Predicament

Boon – something that is helpful or beneficial.

Boonism a system of boons or practices that help you to understand yourself and others. These practices of knowing and doing are available and part of life strategies.

If you are beginning to rethink your purpose and what you truly value in life, there are things to know and do that can make this adjustment easier. Philosophical consulting as a form of coaching provides practices for life, whether you are adjusting to major changes, in a new stage of life, or confronted with existential questions.

Understanding expectations for yourself and from others is a way of adjusting to changes. For thousands of years philosophers have discussed among themselves the predicaments of being human.  These predicaments have been called many names, but what is important is that ways out of being stuck have been both discovered and invented. 

These practices are both practical and powerful, and offer guidance. Issues such as life skills, advocacy, decision making, ethical conflicts, and family conflicts are all part of life’s predicaments.  This is true whichever walk of life you come from.

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